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Allscar Sheet silikon jel tabakası nedir?

Silicone Gel Sheets are products with proven clinical efficacy in the treatment of red and raised scars. Allscar Sheet is effective on old and new scars. It can also be used for protective purposes to prevent scar formation. It is soft, comfortable, and easy to use. It can be cut and shaped according to the size and shape of the scar. Ideal for use both during the day and at night. The best results are seen after 2-4 months of treatment. It should be cleaned twice a day with warm pure water.

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How does silicone gel sheet work?

Studies have proved that the silicone gel sheet re-moisturizes the scar area and creates a suitable environment for gentle treatment of the scar. At the same time, it has been medically proven that the silicone gel sheet softens, flattens, and lightens the scars at a rate of over 90%. (Red and raised scars)

The silicone gel sheet should be used 4 hours a day in the first 2 days of treatment. This period should be increased to 8 hours per day for approximately 2 days. Then the application time should be increased by 2 hours a day and the minimum daily usage time should be reached to 12 hours. If possible, the silicone gel sheet should be used 24 hours a day for maximum effect.

The silicone gel sheet is soft, comfortable, and easy to use. A strong and durable product that can be cut according to the shape and size of the scar and can be used during day or night. If a piece of Allscar Sheet Silicone Gel Sheet is cleaned regularly twice a day, it can be used for at least 1 month. You will need to use more than one silicone gel sheet to complete your treatment.

Duration of Treatment

The answer to this question varies from person to person and from scar to scar. Some people may notice an improvement in a very short time, but generally, the best results will be obtained after 2-4 months of treatment.

How to clean the silicone gel sheet?

The Silicone Gel sheet should be cleaned twice a day. This rate can be increased in hot weather or physical activity situations. Avoid cleaning with detergent-containing general cleaning agents. Wash off with pure soap.

Do not forget to remove your product while taking a bath

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Is it suitable for whole my family?

Yes, Allscar Sheet Silicone Gel is a hypo-allergenic, medically proven silicone gel sheet. There are no known side effects. However, if discomfort and itching begin, stop use, and consult your doctor.

How long after an injury can I use it?

Silicone Gel Sheet should always be applied on closed, raised, and red wounds, whether old or fresh. This may be an operation scar (eg. cesarean operation scar) or an accident, cut, or burn scar. Always make sure the wound you use is not infected or open. Do not use on scabs or surgical sutures.

It also works on old scars. However, it is certain that it will be more effective on fresher scars.