Babysoin Serum Physiological

Nasal Solution

What is Babysoin Serum Physiological?

Babysoin is an isotonic saline solution (0.9%) and is presented in single-use and single-dose vials. In infants, children and adults; It can be used for cleaning and washing the nose, nasal passages, eyelids and conjunctival sac.

Babysoin Serum Physiological Contains 0.9% sodium chloride in purified water in a single-dose 5 ml vial.

Recommended Usage:

It is used to wash the nostrils and nasal passages blocked by mucous and mucopurulent secretions. It is used for cleaning eyelids and conjunctival sac.

Why Babysoin?

  • Baybsoin is an isotonic solution. It contains salt in the same concentration (0.9%) as human cells. It has an ideal concentration that will not damage the sensitive nasal mucosa of the baby.
  • Baybsoin is a solution. Therefore, the baby’s nose is protected from germs and harmful substances.
  • Baybsoin is offered in single-use flacons. The 5ml flacons
  • s are easy to use.
    Baybsoin is available in boxes of 20 flacons. In this way, both longer-term treatment and the lowest cost per dose are provided.