Natural Breath Freshener


What is Freshies?

Freshies is a 100% natural product produced to remove unwanted bad odors. It is produced to remove unwanted odors such as garlic, onion, cigarette, alcohol, and hunger.

It shows a more stimulating effect compared to the effect of coffee and mint after alcohol consumption. Most of the bad breath is from the stomach. Prolonged hunger and some of the foods we consume negatively affect our breath odor. Known options such as chewing gum and cloves are only focused on the mouth and try to suppress a smell with another scent for a short time.

Freshies, on the other hand, begins to solve the problem from the stomach, which is its main source and provides relief in the mouth. At the same time, Freshies, which has the feature of relaxing the stomach and facilitating digestion thanks to its natural extracts, contributes to a healthy and quality life.

Freshies capsules are made of mint, thyme, and parsley extracts and contain no preservatives and additives. It is 100% natural. It is not medicine.

Kullanım Şekli:

Freshies is used after meals or whenever needed, by swallowing 2-3 capsules with some water. In this way, it helps to get rid of all irritating odors within 15-20 minutes.