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Pharmaceuticals & Dermocosmetics

At Apeks Pharma, we are always trying to improve services and increase the level of customer satisfaction. To achieve this, it has always been Apeks Group’s working policy to use an experienced team and up-to-date technology. Speed and accuracy in service delivery is another advantage of Apeks Pharma team to meet the needs of customers in the shortest time and with the highest accuracy

Apeks Pharma Group

With the awareness that we attach importance to human health at Apeks Pharma, a “Quality Assurance System” has been established, which is approved and inspected by the Ministry of Health within the scope of fine distribution and storage guidelines. This system, which was built on a strong infrastructure from procurement, storage, and delivery, has guided us.

The knowledge level of our personnel is updated and kept high with the training carried out periodically so that the delivery is prepared in accordance with the written rules and regulations in line with the product needs and customer demands.

Our product acceptance, delivery, and storage areas are monitored and recorded with cameras 24 hours a day. All of our storage areas are controlled by heat and humidity monitoring devices and their records are kept in the computer environment. In case of changes that may occur at certain rates, the center staff, who is warned with voice and written warnings, immediately implements the necessary procedure.

Cold chain products are stored in 180 m2 cold storage rooms according to their specifications and the frig temperature rates are recorded in the computer environment 24 hours a day. During the delivery of such products, packaging materials and heat recording devices produced and approved for the transport of cold chain medicine are used and the cold chain product procedure is properly implemented.

Every item entering our warehouse is taken into stock after being checked over the drug tracking system. The products being sold are packaged after they are recorded in our computer system.

All operational processes are controlled by our automation system and their records are kept. When the official withdrawal of the goods takes place, our customer is immediately informed of the situation thanks to this system, and then the withdrawal process is initiated.

Our Mission

With the priority of human health, Apeks Pharma has made it a mission to develop the best and innovative products that will meet the needs of all patients without compromising on quality, to make all necessary investments in this context, to keep patient satisfaction at the highest level, and to always adhere to legal and ethical values.

Our Vision

Apeks Pharma has adopted the vision of producing world-class medicines, discovering new treatment solutions, being a reliable company with a wide product portfolio, recognized and appreciated worldwide, with a strong and permanent infrastructure and a growth approach.

Our Values

  • Not compromising on product and service quality
  • Supporting innovations
  • Continuous improvement and development
  • Reliability
  • Adherence to legal and ethical values
  • Human health priority
  • Sensitivity to the environment and nature

Apeks Pharma


Apeks Pharma

We market the medicines of Turkey’s leading İlko İlaç and similar companies domestically and produce quality dermocosmetics.

Apeks Healtha

With our R&D studies, we produce effective food supplements and OTC products on supportive and complementary therapy.

Apeks Denta

We provide services in the field of oral and dental health with the products we produce and distribute.

Apeks Expo

Thanks to the competitive and quality service of the Turkish pharmaceutical market, we provide safe and quality service by meeting the pharmaceutical demands from all over the world.

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